Album Review: Collection Agency by Curren$y

Shante Scott Franklin, or better known as Curren$y, is a rapper and owner of the record label, Jet Life Recordings. While originally being a founding member of Young Money Entertainment, he later created his own label in 2011. Curren$y seems to never sleep since he is always creating new mixtapes, EPs, albums, you name it. Collection Agency marks Curren$y’s tenth studio album.

The first track from the project is Kush Through The Sunroof. I was expecting something a bit more loud and adventurous to start off the project, but it’s pretty minimalist with the piano part. We also have some other notes and trap drums in there, but overall, not too big on the production aspect of this track. Curren$y also seems to be a bit under performing on this track, but the good part is that it is a quick track to get us through the start.

Next, Smiled On Me brings up the energy and production. We get some bright synth beats which also gives us an 80s aesthetic. Also, the vocals do seem a bit faded to continue to give off the old production aesthetic. Curren$y also seems to put a lot more effort on this track since he just goes straight in and kills it on this track. The track seems to be talking about just living in the moment and that he’s living his best life.

Arrival brings back the laid back aesthetic to the project. I guess I’m a bit surprised since we had a higher energy project and then slowed it back down with this track. It does have a smooth jazz feeling with the saxophone and piano sample that’s thrown onto here. Again, some of these slower and laid back tracks, I just feel like it’s hard for Curren$y to not sound lazy on these. I’m glad he has these types of tracks, but he just doesn’t work well on them.

I Don’t Call switches up the tone of the album again and we finally get the bright synth back into the mix. Again, it does have an older aesthetic, or even a vaporwave feeling to the beat at times, especially with the light bell-like notes. Again, similar to a few tracks ago, Curren$y is just enjoying life. He talks about the different cars he drives. He also calls out some fake people and how all they wear is fake clothing and that they’re just broke.

Jermaine Dupri tunes it down for the jazz feeling, especially with the saxophone and running piano notes. We also get another track produced by Harry Fraud. It doesn’t build up much, but it is what it is, not a bad produced track. I assuming this is named after the American producer Jermaine Dupri, especially since Curren$y name drops him on this track. He also seems to mention the time he saw him on MTV Cribs with his Bentley.

Closing Date continues with the bright and glowy synth notes. The one downside to this track is that there isn’t really much going on here. While there are the bright synths introduced on this track, we have the drum kits added to it, and that’s about it. He also mentions his collective that he is apart of on this track, Jet Life, which is also his recording label. Other than that, I’m not really seeing anything new or flashy from this one.

Shout Out has a laid back flow and for whatever reason, I’m getting some older Odd Future vibes from the beat. Other than that, we do get some fresh hooks from Larry June who has toured with Curren$y and some other popular artists. Besides the laid back jazz-like flow, Curren$y does some flexing again on this track and talks about how all the stuff he gets is real. He also talks about how his label is real which has probably got some criticism for signing some lesser known rappers.

Next up, we have the shortest track on the project, Ferrari Engine. The track clocks in below a minute and a half, which is really saying something. It just doesn’t really seem that exciting, even though he talks about Ferrari’s being the ultimate flex type of vehicle. Even if they are decent cars, I just don’t really see the point of having this track on the album. And ofcourse to end out the track, he’s mentioning his label, Jet Life.

Above The Law is another short track from the project and it clocks in just below two minutes in length. This seems even more uneventful than some of the previous tracks. You do get the distorted vocals and piano part as a backing beat, but it just sounds unappealing. At this point of the project, I’m just wondering if everything has been exhausted yet or if he has anything else up his sleeve to put an end to this project.

The final track we get from the album is Misty. This is also the longest track on the album, but is just above three minutes in length. I’ll be honest, this is a catchy track, but I don’t think it’s something that is going to be very memorable in the future. I guess I’m just a sucker for the saxophone part and quick drum kits. He also seems to ride out the beat for the last minute of the track which seems a bit lazy, but I guess it works for him.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Favorite Tracks: Smiled On Me, Misty

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