Album Review: DEMIDEVIL by Ashnikko

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Ashton Nicole Casey, or better known by her stage name, Ashnikko, is a songwriter and singer/rapper from North Carolina. While still being young and fresh in her musical career, she gained popularity through her track Stupid which went viral on several TikTok’s. After some other musical endeavors, Ashnikko finally releases her debut mixtape titled DEMIDEVIL.

The first track from the album is Daisy. The track opens up with some quick distorted horn noises. After a few seconds, it quickly cuts out and then we have more of a hip hop beat start to come in with the high pitched bell sounds. Her vocals seem to give off a hard hitting, but scared vibe. Based on the lyrics of this quick track, Ashnikko seems to break apart some of the stereotypes for females. Also, a daisy represents innocence and weakness, but the flower is still able to bloom in harsh conditions.

Toxic opens up with some quick ascending arpeggios. You also have your trap styled drums come in at the beginning, but there isn’t anything different with this instrumental compared to the last one. However, she does have a bit more vocal flexibility in this track. She also name drops Britney Spears who also has a track titled Toxic. Ashnikko has said that she has encountered plenty of toxic men, but they aren’t the people who made her famous today. She got her success by working hard.

Deal With It brings back some light and playful high notes for the track. We also have Ashnikko and Kelis exploring their vocal range again and testing the limits on the chorus. I’m also getting some mid 2000s pop vibes from some of the electronic notes on this track. You also have the blaring horn section that has been big in the early 2010s. Ashnikko describes this track as a break up track and talks about how she is over this person. Now is the time to invest in yourself.

Slumber Party finally changes up the beat a bit with the squirrel-y and high pitched swooshing notes. I can’t really think of the artist right now, but Ashnikko definitely sounds like another popular female artist with the way she is singing on the chorus. Ashnikko definitely delivers on the chorus of the track with some of the clever wording between lines. She seems to be exploring her bisexuality on this track by talking about a relationship with another woman.

Drunk With My Friends sort of returns to the normal beats we have been hearing earlier on the album. While it does feature more of a deep bass sound, the other underlying elements from previous tracks are brought back. This track sort of brings Ashnikko back to her raving days, which I can definitely hear from the track. She talks about just going hard and the party culture that comes along with it. She talks about just letting loose and enjoying yourself.

Little Boy opens up quietly with some low electronic notes. The drum kit is also a bit under utilized towards the beginning of the track. Ashnikko is definitely take a stab at men based on the lyrics and even the title of the track. More specifically, she’s talking down on men in the industry who talk down to women in the music industry. Basically, she can see through the lies and ‘ bs’ from the men she’s trying to talk to.

Cry definitely spices it up a bit more, and also features Grimes. The first thing that gets your attention is the electronic guitar that’s sprinkled in there from the get go. I also appreciate how the track opens up a bit more during the chorus, even though the track starts quietly. The aggressive beat has to do with the message of the track since she talks about how her ex best friend slept with her ex boyfriend. It seems like she’s more mad at her friend more than her ex-boyfriend for what she did.

L8r Boi is a nostalgia blast with the small twist of Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi. While it does take most of the chorus from the track, there are small changes here and there, especially during her own verses where she gives it her own twist. This version basically talks about being an independent person who doesn’t need this guy. At the end of the track, she talks about how she’s with a better person living in a nice house.

Good While It Lasted tones down the track and definitely has some acoustic guitar vibes towards the beginning. After the beginning, you get more piano and inaudible vocal tidbits. Ashnikko also says this is one of her serious tracks on the album, which as I said before, is a complete 180 from the other music she has put on here. On this track, she reminisces about a previous relationship, and she does end up taking some of the blame for why the relationship ended.

The last and shortest track on the album is Clitoris! The Musical. It’s honestly a bit comical, especially with the opening sound clip. I’m surprised this made the cut, especially since it’s a short and just piano filled track. Also, if you can’t tell by the title of the track, it is quite the suggestive track by all of the straightforward lyrics. She also talks about how she’s bored of men and how they can never seem to please her.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Favorite Tracks: Daisy, Deal With It, L8r Boi

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