Album Review: EP2! by JPEGMAFIA

Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, or better known by his stage name, JPEGMAFIA, is a rapper, singer, and producer from Baltimore. You probably don’t need a reintroduction if you have seen my previous review, but EP2! marks the highly anticipated follow up of his first EP back in December. Just like the first EP, EP2! is a collection of several different singles that he has released in the last few months.

The first track from the EP is LAST DANCE! Compared to his first EP, which came out in late 2020, this track is toned down a lot more. You have some light ringing noises in the background as well as some percussion instruments that come in later. Eventually, we get more bass kicks and horn instruments. Also, we hear more of JPEGMAFIA’s singing instead of his rapping, which seems to be pretty common on the second EP.

INTRO! is the shortest track on the EP, which clocks in around 45 seconds. You have some distorted synths and horn sounds that plan for some grand opening. While this is a short track, it serves as a segue into FIX URSELF! While I’m not a huge fan of Peggy’s singing, this is probably one of the better tracks on the album, especially with the quiet and minimal beat on this track. However, we still have some elements from the introduction, like the horn instrumentals.

KELTEC! opens up with some heavy MIDI vibes. While I usually enjoy some MIDI like instrumentals, this one just seems a bit bland, and it just doesn’t mix with the style JPEGMAFIA is trying to go for on this EP. Other than that, I’m assuming there’s some correlation between firearms and veterans. While the website at the beginning of the track isn’t a direct link to a website, it could reference veterans. The outro also talks about how representatives are helping other veterans currently. Also, Kel-Tec is a firearm brand.

THIS ONES FOR US! opens up with a quick line saying ‘Everything about JPEGs I like.’ After that line, the instrumental starts to come in which is a light piano part as well as some percussive instruments. There are some short bursts of heavy synths and some intriguing bass kicks. Peggy also goes back to his original rapping style for a verse on here which is a nice refresher, even if the instrumental isn’t as aggressive as what he’s used to.

PANIC ROOM! brings us back to some of his more experimental pieces. With the plethora of electronic noises that are introduced at the beginning and the out of tune notes, it’s no wonder that the title of the track is PANIC ROOM! As chaotic as the track can sound at times, it’s one of those tracks that I seem to gravitate and revisit every now and then. I’m also a bit confused that the track seems to end with a random guitar part.

The final track from the EP is FEED HER! We are greeted with a flute like sound that carries the main melody of the track. However, about halfway through the track, the beat transitions to more of a guitar and synth focused beat. While JPEGMAFIA talks about all of the money that he has earned and also flexes his money, he seems to talk about some of the familiar topics from previous albums. He also talks about the internet trolls and how they would be scared if he ever met them in person.

I wasn’t too psyched about this EP compared to his first. While I get that artists change stylistically over time, I’m just not a huge fan of JPEGMAFIA’s singing. It’s still an okay EP, just not my cup of tea.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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