Album Review: minor by Gracie Abrams

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Gracie Abrams is a singer and songwriter based out of California. While only having a few tracks released, she was able to garner attention and popularity through different social media platforms, such as Instagram. After promoting and creating the content, Gracie Abrams comes out with her first commercial EP, minor.

The first track from the EP is Friend. It starts out quiet with a single guitar switching being higher and lower octaves. The track eventually grows in instrumentation with other instruments, but it still keeps the slow and ‘homegrown’ feeling. While the track progresses, you can definitely hear the emotion and almost pain in Gracie’s voice. In the first verse, she reminisces about old memories with this person, which probably represents her significant other. Gracie says he ended up changing so much and that she ended up feeling the pain of the breakup.

21 is another slowed down pop track. It starts out quiet, but then eventually opens up with your pop drum beats and the layers of vocals during the chorus. At the beginning of the track, she talks about missing this person’s 21st birthday. She talks about this person that tends to go out, but unfortunately, she isn’t able to since she isn’t 21. Gracie gets a little emotional since she isn’t able to join that person and she doesn’t like the thought of this person going out without her.

Under / Over could be a continuation of the previous track since she mentions “Don’t call me up I’m already under.” However, the real meaning of the track comes from the last line of the chorus, “I’m underwater, but I’m over you.” This is basically a breakup song since she talks about being over this person. She might be feeling lonely or hurt, but she is never going back to this person. We also get to hear more of Gracie’s higher vocal range which is executed well.

tehe is another sub three minute track from the album. The instrumentals are a little brighter in this track, but still minimalistic in nature. Based on the lyrics of the track, it seems like Gracie is talking about a relationship that never ended up working. It sounded like she was vulnerable to this person, but it was never the right time when they tried to make the relationship work.

I miss you, I’m sorry was released towards the beginning of the lockdown here in the United States. She said that music is therapeutic for her so she decided to release it and hope others would feel the same. The instrumentation during the height of the chorus is just so beautiful in sound, especially the rawness in her voice. It sounded like she was in a toxic relationship since she mentions that he used to break dishes when he was upset and several fights. She also believed him when he used to say it would last ‘forever.’

Long Sleeves is the longest track from the EP, just a little over three and a half minutes in length. The instrumentation in here is perfect, especially since she worked with Blake Slatkin and Rob Moose, who worked with people such as Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens. When I heard this track, it was well produced and sounded oddly familiar to me. I can’t exactly place a finger on who she sounds like, but it is definitely my favorite from the EP.

The last track from the EP is minor. It’s an okay way to end the EP, but I do think the spelling of ‘minor’ just doesn’t mesh well with the track. Maybe, if there were more glossed over pop synths or something over it, it might work a little better. This seems like a track that she wrote when she was younger since she is unable to get to her significant other’s house since they lived so far away from Gracie.

Overall Rating: 6/10
Favorite Tracks: Friend, Under / Over, Long Sleeves

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