Album Review: Revelación by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is an actress, singer and songwriter from Texas. Some younger millennials may know her from the TV series, Barney & Friends, but she has also played some other prominent roles in television shows in the last decade. She was also in a group called Selena Gomez & the Scene, where you may know some of her tracks, such as Naturally. Other than that, she started her solo career in 2013 with Stars Dance. Now she has an all Spanish EP titled Revelación.

The first track from the EP is De Una Vez. The EP started off the exact opposite of what I expected from this project since we have a quiet synth playing different chords to start us off. Since this was her first full Spanish project, there have been murals around Mexico with this saying, which roughly translates to ‘at once.’ Other than that, we get a totally different Selena Gomez with her Spanish singing, even though she’s just singing in a different language. I’m honestly liking this version of Selena Gomez better than her normal style.

Buscando Amor starts off somewhat similar with the quiet synths, but we do get hints of guitars thrown in there as well as a catchy drum beat to go along with it. This is also the longest track on the album, but it’s only a little over three minutes in length. This one didn’t really click with me that much, even if it has grown on me just a little bit. Selena says that this track talks about confidence and how passionate some women are when they dance.

Baila Conmigo was definitely my favorite from this project, especially with the lovely feature from Rauw Alejandro since the two of them seem to work well together. You can definitely hear the chemistry through this track. This was also one of the singles for this project so it was nice to have heard this track earlier. Selena Gomez wants people dancing with this track since she said that music can connect us in a time of isolation that some people may be feeling right now.

Dámelo To’ was another interesting track because of the sample at the beginning. It seemed like there was some flute or woodwind instrument that was stripped at the beginning. The sample does carry out for most of the track to add some twist and flare to the track. While this does have more of a pop, and dare I say it, hip hop vibe, Myke Towers feature just doesn’t mix well with this track. Then again, she did want to feature more Spanish speaking artists for this project.

Vicio is tuned down much more compared to the other tracks. We have a piano opening up the track, but it does have some reverbed parts as the track continues to drag on. We definitely do hear more of the pop Selena Gomez come back with this track, even with her Spanish vocals. Other than that, Selena said that this is one of her favorites, which is the complete opposite for me. She also said that the track just feels so emotional, especially without lyrics.

Adió s is another fun track introduced on the EP. Somewhat similar to the last track, this track incorporates a lot of pop elements, except it’s much more upbeat. We have some weird, scooped and chopped up samples and synths thrown around on this track. As you may know, since it’s a popular Spanish word, adiós stands for goodbye. Selena talks about how she’s basically just fed up with this one person.

The final track we have from the album is Selfish Love. I was a bit surprised to see an English title on the EP, but it has Spanish and English speaking parts. I was also surprised to see DJ Snake on this project, but he manages to make something catchy for Selena, even with the saxophone part sneaked in during the breaks. Although, this isn’t the first time they have worked together. Other than that, it’s an interesting way to end the EP with a half Spanish and English track.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Favorite Tracks: De Una Vez, Baila Conmigo, Selfish Love

Originally published at on March 23, 2021.

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