Album Review: See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!! by KYLE

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Kyle Thomas Harvey, or more known as KYLE, is a rapper/singer and songwriter from California. He first gained popularity from songs such as iSpy and Nothing 2 Lose. Through those singles, he was able to drop his debut album in 2018 titled Light of Mine. While remaining somewhat quiet through 2019, KYLE returns with his sophomore album in 2020 titled See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first track from the album is Bouncin, which was a promotional single for the album. This is also the longest track on the album which says that most of the tracks are short. The beat starts out much differently than what he used to use on his earlier tracks. However, you do get the booming bass and trap-style beats later on in the track. This also shows that KYLE has matured a lot through his vocals. On this track, he talks about how his checks aren’t bouncing, which means he is able to cash the checks and they aren’t fraudulent.

Money Now brings us back to KYLE’s playful and light trap beats. You also have features from Johnny Yukon and Tyga. It’s a quick, sub three minute track that usually repeats the phrase, “Ooh, we gettin’ money now.” This track talks about how they used to not have a lot of money and how they weren’t always able to pay the bills. Now, they’re able to pay rent and have a lot of extra money due to their career taking off. KYLE wanted to make this song to give a boost to people who might be feeling down right now, or unable to make their dreams come true.

GIRLS starts out with some experimental drum samples. However, once the drums get out of the way, you can tell that this track interpolates the track Girls by the Beastie Boys. There are a lot of parts of the track where they use or change around some lyrics to the original track. KYLE was able to recruit Rico Nasty on this track. Honestly, Girls was never a favorite track of mine from the Beastie Boys, but I do enjoy this cover.

YES! is another dark sounding track with the one guitar playing in the background. I really feel like the Rich The Kid feature really makes this track sound better. He actually meshes really well with the beat. The beat does get a little old after a while, but they haven’t really added anything new by this point. They are talking about how they get all the money and of course, the women.

Forget is much different than what we have seen on this album so far. It opens up with a single voice that is reverbed to make it sound more like a chorus. Then you have the synth in the background playing different chords. After about 45 seconds, the normal trap-beat styles come in. This track also had Trippie Redd and I’m not that into Trippie Redd’s music, so his verse definitely turns me away from this track. Maybe I’m just getting a bit older and don’t understand the new SoundCloud wave of rappers.

Over It starts off with another guitar part, that oddly seems familiar to a 2000s pop track. One thing I really love about KYLE is his singing voice, so he really has the rap-singing style down, just like what Drake tends to use. Despite the repetitiveness, I really think he could release more music like this in the future and hopes he experiments with it. This track talks about being over this girl, even though she still tends to keep contacting him.

What It Is is another short, sub three minute track. It starts out with a quick piano part that plays some short chords. Over time, the track eventually builds up with its trap beats, heavy bass parts, and other piano parts. KYLE seems to be talking to this girl and he knows that she isn’t as happy as what she used to be. He lets her know that if she needs to go, it will be okay.

The Sun is another slowed down track that features KYLE’s singing side. This definitely sounds like it could be a Drake track, especially with his singing style. I wish this track was longer since I actually really enjoy the beat and the soothing vocals from everyone involved. He couldn’t have picked any better people to be on this track, other than Drake himself. I will definitely be listening to this track more and appreciating his singing style.

Bye starts off with some deep, glitch like bass synths. After the introduction, the beat gets more dance-like with the claps and the faster bass synths. KYLE keeps up with his singing and continues to capitalize on that. The lyrics are pretty minimalistic in nature, especially since there is a lot of repetition in the chorus. The track seems to connect with the title of the album, as in he’s telling his family that he made it, so he’s leaving home to achieve his dreams.

After that, we come to a short interlude, A Message From Mr. Man. It’s pretty short, just under a minute in length. The message seems to be from the artist, Mr. Man, who used to collaborate with KYLE. He also lets KYLE know that his former name, K.i.D has never left him.

Next, we have Mr. Man & K.i.D. Besides the interlude, this is the shortest track on the album, just a little over two minutes in length. This is supposed to reminisce about the old days when him and KYLE used to make tracks together, especially since they used KYLE’s old name. Other than that, it’s a pretty solid track, just short.

The last track from the album is the title track, See You When I’m Famous. Even though it’s considered a bonus track, I’m not really feeling this track whatsoever. It’s very simple, mostly with a bass booming in the background with a few lighter notes added over it. As I’ve said before, he exhausted most of his ideas and message from the album pretty early on, so with a weak beat, there’s not much value from this bonus track.

Despite this being a fun and dance-like track, there are a lot of great tracks to just chill out and listen to, especially if you’re having a few drinks on the weekend. This is definitely an album I will come back to often and I’m glad KYLE is maturing in several ways.
Overall Rating: 8/10
Favorite Tracks: Bouncin, GIRLS, Over It, The Sun, Mr. Man & K.i.D

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