Album Review: SHEEESH by MXXWLL

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MXXWLL is an Australian hip-hop and electronic music producer. While producers don’t normally get recognition since they provide beats for large artists, he has worked with some hip-hop legends, such as Snoop Dogg. Now, after three years since his previous album, MXXWLL drops his second studio album titled SHEEESH.

The album starts out with a short introduction track titled AA72. The track opens up with what sounds like an airplane as well as some small talk from people. Then you get a quick funk beat going on with the bass. This really opens the album up and gives you a taste of what MXXWLL’s sound and production are like.

PLAYER 1 START is a video game and 8-bit like track. The track opens up with a normal GameBoy start-up sound. It’s a nostalgia blast that brings me back to the times when I was younger and played all of these retro video games. It’s a short track and I wish there was more to it since I really enjoyed the beat.

ROLLITUP has a vocal feature from Kaiit where she repeats the phrase, “I could roll it up.” There’s a lot of 8-bit elements from the last track that are sprinkled into this track. However, the drum part towards the end of this track doesn’t really mix well since it sounds like an authentic drum kit being played in the background. Might have sounded better with an electronic drum kit. The last track smoothly runs into O O O which just sounds like an extended outro to the track. Not anything special, just her repeating the word “oh” over and over.

LIGHT TURN GREEN is more of a jazz-filled hip-hop track. One underappreciated part of the track is definitely the bass part and I wish he would have boosted the sound up a bit. You have John Givez and Rae Khalil for vocals on the track. For the last half-minute of the track, the beat just switches up into a more high-pitched, space sound.

MSSNU is oddly reminiscent of ROLLITUP, except with the piano as a beat instead of the electronic version. You have mostly inaudible vocals in the background, but they aren’t terrible for the track. Nothing stands out too much on the track, it just sounds like another lo-fi beat I would have on in the background.

THINGS U DO brings us back to the funk styled beat that was introduced at the beginning of the album. Kyle Dion is a great feature to have on this track and his singing style fits perfectly. He’s talking to this girl at the party and how he wants to be with this person.

SLOW WEST is another quick, under one-minute beat. The deep bass is definitely notable on this track, something that reminds me of some electronic tracks from the 80s. Again, this is another short beat that I wish he would have made longer.

FOUND IT is a soulful, light track, which has a feature that sounds similar to Anderson .Paak. I don’t mind the vocals on this track, but the beat is pretty simplistic in nature, so I can’t really comment on much of it.

RNRN which is an acronym standing for “right now” which is said by some female vocalists on the track. It’s a light playful track, with a booming bass. The track ends with a blaring guitar solo that adds a nice twist to it.

INTERLUDE FOR SENSEI is a quick, just over a minute long track. It’s surprisingly not one of the shortest tracks on the album. It includes several different notification sounds. It includes a Facebook messenger notification as well as an iPhone message notification sound. Also, it has a quick vocal part, which sounds like something from a voicemail.

After that, we come to WOAH. It’s another, just over a minute in length track. It has a high pitched ringing sound repeated in the background. It’s a very, wavy-like track. Other than that, there’s isn’t too much going on.

Next, we have a Guapdad 4000 feature on RELAX. I haven’t heard a full-length album from him, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed by his features, such as the feature on Shameless by Buddy. He’s definitely a person that can fit well on almost any tracks that you give him, so I really appreciate the track that he is on.

CHARGE IT is a soul-filled track with John Givez as a feature. One thing I don’t like is that the track cuts fifteen seconds early for a quick track change, which sounds like someone getting into a car. Kind of a weird change in the middle of the track which doesn’t add any true value.

CRZN is another quick transition track. It’s electronic in nature, and almost sounds like something you’d hear from a vaporwave track. I really love the high-pitched synth and notes littered throughout the track.

After that, we have SMOKE W U, which has a fade-in effect from the beginning. It has a lo-fi feel to it, which could have a connection with the previous track. I’m very disappointed since I love Aloe Blacc’s music, and he had about less than a minute feature of music. He also had an amazing background track to sing over.

Finally, the last track on the album is UHHH. It is a funk-filled track, that has some video game sound effects added to it. It seems like there are a lot of Mario effects added to it, such as when Mario collects a coin or goes down a tube/pipe. The track ends with what sounds like an 8-bit guitar solo at the end.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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