Album Review: THE END OF EVERYTHING by Noah Cyrus

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Noah Cyrus is an American singer and songwriter from Nashville. She is also the youngest child of famous singer and songwriter, Billy Ray Cyrus. While still being fairly young, she garnered a lot of success from her debut single, Make Me (Cry), and another track in 2019 titled July. THE END OF EVERYTHING marks her second studio EP.

The first track off the EP is Ghost. The track starts out slow with just a piano playing a simple chord progression. Once the chorus hits, you get the more pop-aesthetic of her musical style; the normal trap style drums and a high pitched note in the background. Noah talks about how this track means a lot to her, especially the line, “Everybody knows a hand to hold is all we need.” She tells us about how her family has always been there for her when she needs it.

After that, we have I Got So High That I Saw Jesus, which was also a single for the EP. There are a lot of biblical references as well as references to today’s society. She talks about issues of climate change as well as the advancement of technology, which she talks about during the second verse of the track. Again, there isn’t too much going on in this track, but the backing vocals are actually a nice touch to the track and add a lot of value.

Next, we come to the track Liar. This is another piano-heavy track with just her singing over the track. Again, you do have the backing vocals which are a nice touch. This is an “owning up to your mistakes” track for Noah. She said that she did some self-reflecting and is apologizing for things that she did wrong in the past.

Lonely is the shortest track off the EP, just a little under two and a half minutes in length. While she is the little sister of Miley Cyrus, it’s almost like you can hear a little bit of her on this track. Noah brings out her vulnerabilities on this track, talking about how she’s not comfortable with herself and the feeling of loneliness.

Young & Sad opens up with a quick voicemail from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. This track features a more classical acoustic guitar. While she has struggled with mental health issues in the past, she talks about how she doesn’t want to be sad anymore. In the second verse, she said how it was hard being the little sister of Miley Cyrus, and how high expectations were set for her from the get-go.

July was another promotional single for the EP, and one of her more popular tracks currently. This was a track that she wrote when she was in Bali. She talks about the ending of a toxic relationship, but also the heartbreak that comes with it. She talks about how it was a mistake falling in love with this person.

Wonder Years has a special feature from Ant Clemons. It’s a slow and beautiful duet from the two which is a great addition to the EP. It’s also a rendition of the theme song from the television show, The Wonder Years. The only complaint I have is the high-pitched, distorted humming towards the end of the first verse.

The last track from the EP isthe title track, The End of Everything. This song slowly builds up in instrumentation over time. You start with Noah and her guitar, then you add the drum kick, an then you have the layers of vocals. The message from the track talks about how everyone and everything is eventually going to die and come to an end. While it can be sad at times, it can also be a message about cherishing every moment you have with those people in your life.

Overall Rating: 6/10
Favorite Tracks: July, Wonder Years

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