Album Review: Tourism by Henry Jamison

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Henry Jamison is an American indie-folk artist. I first discovered Henry Jamison last year through his 2019 album, Gloria Duplex. While not being a huge fan, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and listen to it from time to time. Once I discovered that he released an EP, I knew I had to give it a listen, and it also inspired me to write a review of it. Tourism seems to include several large names in the music world, as well as talking about the breakup of his ex-girlfriend after touring.

The first track from the EP is Still Life and features the band Joseph from Oregon. You have your original guitars and piano that you’d get from a folk track. According to Henry himself, he wrote this song after touring and going through a rough break up. This song details the breakup and how he regrets the mistakes he made. He mentions that his still life is now “stillborn”, which means that the life he was looking for with this person is dead and gone.

The next track we have is Green Room. The track also features Ed Droste, the vocalist and instrumentalist for the band Grizzly Bear. On this track, he talks about watching the Spirited Away movie. I have personally never watched it, but I know it has a huge following. It’s a quiet and peaceful track, especially with Ed Droste’s vocals in the background. He seems to be reminiscing about his ex-girlfriend and what he has done wrong.

After that, we come to the title track, Tourism. This track mostly features a piano for a majority of the track. Throughout this track, these things that this woman said to him, it doesn’t seem to help him and made him rethink things. He keeps going back to the line that “Lauren’s in the garden, I’m in the bed” during the chorus.

Next, we come to I Forget Myself that features another folk band, Darlingside. Again, Henry reminisces about the times he was with his girlfriend and how they fell in love when they first met. However, since he “forgot himself”, that could mean he was turning into someone he wasn’t proud of or was doing things that he wasn’t okay with. The one thing I don’t like during the track are the high falsetto voices and they don’t really mix well with the theme of the track.

The last track off the EP is Orchardist. On this track, Henry Jamison takes some of the criticisms he’s faced with his ex-girlfriend and is going to try to improve on it moving forward. The track ends with a distorted instrument in the background. This is also probably my favorite track off of the EP.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Favorite Tracks: Still Life, Green Room, Orchardist

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