Album Review: Wachito Rico by boy pablo

Nicolas Muñoz is the frontman and the person behind the Norwegian indie pop band, boy pablo. They gained a lot of internet popularity with their two EP’s, Roy Pablo, and my personal favorite, Soy Pablo. Since they had never released an album yet, I was excited to see what they had to put out and see if they would live up to the hype. I’m surprised to say that their debut album, Wachito Rico, definitely lives up to the hype.

The first track from the album is i hope she loves me back. The track opens up with some high pitched synths, but after the quick introduction, you’re greeted back with the glitzy guitars that boy pablo has been producing on previous projects. The instrumentals seem to cut out during the verses which is a bit disappointing, but overall, it’s a great track to open up the album. On this track, the title basically explains what is going on. He’s talking to this girl and just hopes that the feeling is mutual.

hey girl was one of the promotional singles for this album, and it has definitely grown on me since the release of the single. I don’t know why I didn’t really enjoy it the first time around, but it fits perfectly on this album. His vocals are a bit more lighter and playful, but I’m glad that he took a chance with this track. You get the opening guitar parts, but the glossy synths usually don’t come in until the chorus section. Lyrically, it seems to be a continuation of the last track since he’s talking to this girl and hoping she will choose to be with him. This is also the first time he has fallen in love, so he’s taking the next big step.

leave me alone! starts out with a quick Spanish spoken part that roughly translates to “I don’t want to go.” This track opens up a bit differently compared to the other tracks since you only have his vocals, some percussion instruments, and a bass part. It does open up slightly more during the chorus, but it’s still pretty minimal for the first half. You do get some decent guitar parts later in the track. The artist talks about how he wrote this track with his brother and how he just suddenly became upset when his parents said they had to leave a birthday party when he was much younger.

honey opens up with a quiet and peaceful part. You do get some washed out and reverbed synth parts that gives it a feeling of being under water. Other than that, it just seems like a chilled out, peaceful track to relax to. This track goes back to the main story of the album and the ‘honey’ part of the track has to do with this girl. He keeps talking to this girl and explains how she is the only thing he needs. The last minute and a half guitar outro is also an amazing touch to the track.

rest up definitely brings us back to the classic boy pablo sound that is reminiscent of his EP’s. As I’ve said before, the twangy guitar sounds are really one of his signature sounds. The one thing that I actually don’t enjoy much is the twisting of his vocals during the chorus of the track. In the story arc, he seems to be having some dark thoughts creep into his mind. It could also mean that he had a fight with this girl and he is trying to find a way to make it up.

te vas // don’t go is another track that opens up as a sweet acoustic track. It opens up to more of the usual instrumental later, but not until the very end. The first part of the track name roughly translates to “you go,” or “you’re leaving,” so basically “you go // don’t go.” There’s also a piano interlude in the middle of the track. I do enjoy the mixing and melding of the English and Spanish language on this track. I would say this is a beautiful track, but it’s definitely not one for me. I understand why people like it, but I prefer the more happy and upbeat tracks from him.

aleluya is a quick, just a minute and a half track from the album. It’s mostly just an acoustic track with all of the different guitar parts mixed in there. It’s also all in Spanish. Based on the translated lyrics, it’s a religious track and a prayer. I’m a bit confused as to why this track is on here, but I’m not going to go against saying it’s a bad track to have on here. I guess I just need more of an explanation from him to see why he added this track to the mix, or if it’s just to serve as an interlude for the album.

come home brings back the wavy and mesmerizing synth part at the beginning. After the quick synth introduction, we get the glitzy indie pop guitars. The instrumentals back off again during the verses, but you do get the full effect of them during the instrumental breaks and choruses. I really love his soft and soothing vocals during this track. He just uses it so softly, but it ends up meshing together with the track perfectly. On this track, he is talking about waiting for this girl to come back home so he can spend some time with her.

mustache opens up with such joyful instrumentals that almost makes it sound like the band Smith Westerns. Despite the joyful and happy opening, the track is almost comical, especially when hearing the opening. On this track, he talks about wanting a moustache, but he’s sad since he’s 21 and still doesn’t have any hair under his nose. There’s also a small Spanish spoken section on the track that acts like a father or an older man to Nicolas.

vamos a la playa is a short interlude track that is a snippet of what’s to come. After the thirty second snippet, it runs into the title track of the album, wachito rico. This is another track that perfectly meshes Spanish and English together. After digging through the lyrics and all of the translations, it seems to be talking about a relationship, but it has been getting a little boring. He wants to spice it up by getting up and dancing.

nowadays is a pretty simplistic acoustic track. It’s also one of the shorter tracks on this album, besides the previous interlude track. Before the guitar comes in, it sounds like he may be at a beach or park with some of the sounds you can hear at the beginning. Throughout the track, he keeps repeating the line, “I’m just happy that my mornings are getting brighter nowadays.” This could be a reference to a girl that he may have been seeing.

The final track from the album is i ❤ u. The track opens up with a running bass line, but you do have a piano that holds on to the melody for the majority of the track. I’m honestly surprised that I enjoyed this track since it’s one of the more toned down tracks, but there’s so much to like from this track, especially the minimal instrumentals, and the chorus section where it is more pronounced. On this track, it seems like the relationship between him and another person has ended since it says that they don’t talk as much anymore. However, he still loves this person.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Favorite Tracks: i hope she loves me back, hey girl, honey, come home, vamos a la playa, wachito rico, i ❤ u

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