Album Review: What Could Possibly Go Wrong by Dominic Fike

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Dominic Fike is a singer/rapper and songwriter from Florida. While gaining a small following from being featured by BROCKHAMPTON, Dominic Fike finally comes out with his first, full-length debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong. While I was excited about this studio album, I was a bit let down by the end product.

The first track from the album is Come Here. Its a sub two-minute track, but it sets the tone of the album with heavy riffing guitars. I definitely was not expecting the album to start off this way, but I actually kind of enjoy this sound from him. The vocals aren’t polished over at all, you just have the raw vocals filling in the track. Dominic basically talks about how he gets lonely and how he can be desperate at times.

After that, we come to Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake). The track starts off again with more of a rock tone, but his glossed vocals make it seem more like a pop track. You have your occasional guitar riffs that keep going on towards the end of the track, but definitely feels more ‘pop’ in nature. Also, it feels like the track stops on a cliffhanger, which is surprising since its just over two minutes in length.

Cancel Me is the next track where Dominic talks about wanting to be canceled. This is a surprisingly catchy track with the chorus and the simple drum beat. It might also be my favorite track from the album. He mentions about falling off since BROCKHAMPTON, as well as not wanting to be seen on television. He said he’s trying to cope with his newfound fame and that he won’t be able to return to the life he once had.

10x Stronger marks the shortest track from the album, just a little over a minute in length. It isn’t saying much since most of the tracks land in the two-minute range anyways. There really aren’t any lyrics on this track, other than the vocal sounds he makes. The instrumentals are quite strange since he started to incorporate a piano, as well as a string orchestra. It just doesn’t make sense to have something like this on the album.

Good Game slows down the album quite a bit, with a laid back drum beat and guitar. Besides the laid back beat, it also seems like Dominic is being a bit lazy with his vocals. The vocals sound so meshed together and sloppy. On the track, he seems to be talking about this person and wondering if they remember him after he became famous. He also talks about this person not becoming the same person as his father.

Why brings back the guitar-focused vibes on the album. Also, his vocals are so much better on this track compared to the last. They are less lazy and they seem more authentic and raw. One thing that I hate is that this track is so short and could easily be beefed up to make this track just that much better. The topic of this track seems to focus on the ‘why’ of things and why things might be a certain way or the other.

Strange enough, there is a track titled Chicken Tenders on the album. It starts out with some electronic synth, that is somewhat reminiscent of Hey Up There by Buddy. Besides being somewhat reminiscent, his pitched-up vocals ruin it for me at the beginning. The whole track seems just a bit cheesy with him talking about ordering chicken tenders to his hotel room. I honestly think we could have done without this track on the album.

The track that follows Chicken Tenders is… Whats For Dinner? Besides the higher-pitched vocals, Dominic Fike kind of sounds like Mac Miller at times during the first verse. I can definitely see Mac Miller being an inspiration for this track. Other than that, this is another track that just seems like an unfinished track with it being so short. I don’t really have much to connect with the track when he keeps them short.

Vampire opens with some single guitar licks that sound like something Pretty Lights would have used in his earlier work. After doing some more digging, I found it this track interpolates Jennifer Lopez’s track If You Had My Love. The lyrics are a bit strange since he’s saying that everyone at this party is a vampire since they are drinking red wine. Besides the lyrics, it’s a catchy track that I find myself coming back to from time to time.

Superstar Sh*t turns down the tempo of the album with some quiet vocals and synth chords. The synths are nice and relaxing, but as I said before, these short tracks just leave me wanting more, with the track only being two minutes long. To end the track, the synth cuts out and you get some short and staccato notes. Dominic seems to be reminiscing about a past relationship and not sure how this person really felt about him.

Politics & Violence opens up with some eerie orchestral instruments. After the opening, it becomes more electronic in nature. It has a decent beat loop that keeps on repeating throughout the first half of the track. In the second half, the beat changes up a bit, with more elongated notes. This is another track that definitely makes him sound like Mac Miller. This is definitely one of his more creative tracks that he has put out on the album.

Joe Blazey opens up with some more bright and twangy guitars, but it also opens up with some higher-pitched vocals. His vocals also seem a bit lazy and uninspired. I guess it’s good since halfway through the track, it does a complete 180. Dominic is definitely more aggressive with his vocal delivery, and the guitar becomes darker and distorted. He also brings on Julian Cruz for a quick section of the track.

Wurli is definitely another light opening track, but definitely opens up after the layers of vocals start to come in. The vocals seem to put a little bit more emotion into it compared to some of the previous tracks. The adlibs aren’t the best, but I guess it’s an improvement. The track talks about being in a horrible relationship where it’s not working out for him. This person was able to step all over Dominic while he would do anything for that person.

The last track and longest track from the album is Florida. He seems to be reflecting on his fame and how much he has changed since he started. While the track starts out slow with his vocals, he eventually switches up to a rap style halfway through. He still seems to take pride in being from Florida, while talking about his imprisonment. The track starts to fade out with some orchestral chords playing in the background.

I was definitely expecting more from Dominic Fike on his debut album. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by what he released. A lot of the tracks were very short and as I said before, they just seem like incomplete ideas that were prematurely released. Hopefully he can grow from this on his next studio venture.
Overall Rating: 5/10
Favorite Tracks: Cancel Me, Why, Vampire, Politics & Violence

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