Medium vs Blogger/WordPress, Which One Earns More?

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Blogging has been around since the creation of the internet. While early blogs aren’t as glamorous as they are now, they still had the same intention: sharing information and opinions. They have gone through several changes, and some people have created vlogs, or video blogs, to keep up with the changes in technology. However, with it being 2020, there are several different platforms for blogging. Some of the most popular ones I have heard of (and used) are Blogger, which is owned by Google, and WordPress. Both offer free, as well as paid blogging tools for almost anyone. Another site that I have been trying out lately is Medium. Medium is another blogging platform that allows anyone to create content. While each one is different and unique in their own way, one could potentially earn you more money than the other.


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  • One thing that I have noticed about Medium is that you can create any type of content. If you have AdSense with your Blogger or WordPress blog, you know that some posts could be demonetized if you mention explicit or controversial content. On Medium, on the other hand, you can write about virtually anything. I have realized that several of the top stories on Medium can be about controversial topics, such as politics. They still earn money through views.
  • Another interesting concept is that Medium pays you more if your readers are subscribed to Medium. That goes into another point of a subscription, but I will talk about that more on the next bullet point. On Medium, you can choose if your writing is free for everyone to read or behind a paywall, for subscribers only. Medium will pay you more if more of the readers are paid Medium subscribers.
  • As I said before, Medium really tries to push buying a membership. If you don’t pay for their subscription, you can only read five articles a month. It is only $5 a month, but if you don’t read their content often, it might not be the best option if you are only looking to publish content. However, if you want to promote other content creators on this website, I would recommend getting one to boost their income or side hustle.
  • Another thing that I love about Medium is that your post could be promoted by a Medium Publication owner. There are several different niches on Medium, and getting promoted by one of them could open up a brand new audience for you. While you could be found by just pure luck, it never hurts to ask one of those publication owners. I find this feature to be better than Blogger and WordPress because you really have to rely on your own promotion skills.


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  • I’m sure you have all heard about this topic before: AdSense. AdSense is like the holy grail for a lot of bloggers. Once you get accepted, you feel like you’re in the cool club because you can start having featured ads on your website. However, if your blog isn’t raking in thousands of views a day, you aren’t going to see a steady stream of income. Even though I haven’t had several views on Medium, I’ve earned more money on there than I have through AdSense. All in all, it really depends on your niche and how well you have promoted yourself.
  • Another great thing about owning your own blog is that you are allowed to do paid promotions. Paid promotions are usually looked down upon on Medium. That’s why I usually take out my Skillshare referral link (great time to hit that link up if you’re viewing this from my website!) when posting to Medium.
  • There’s something about owning your own website and domain that just makes you feel great. When you own your website, you have a choice on what goes on your website and what doesn’t. You also have some say in advertising as well.

Have you tried both services? Which one do you prefer? Feel free to comment down below and let me know which service you prefer!

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